Monday, February 25, 2013

New Career & life

David almost gave up hope for finding a job, but his sister, Jenna  an HR manager
at a large furniture store needed a few new sales consultants but the sales manager only wanted woman
because their the most successful  in this industry.  So,  she remade her younger brother in to Diana.
Who now has set record sales for the last 3 months  


  1. How funny would that be. Right?

  2. I'd love to try something else, like a beauticians or nail-tech but be happy at just driving and trying something else in the side for now and see where that leads to, as I need money coming in every week, as well as I have this girl up in Chicago, that I wanted to help out , when I thought it wouldn't be a problem. Yet now my job has cut my hours. Go figure right?