Monday, April 1, 2013

4 Life!!!

Years ago!..... I knew at 1st taste... I was cum slurping faggot!


  1. Not sure why no-one has commented. But love the picture as well as phrase. Just seeing it makes my clitty tingle. An Isabella valentine hypno I became addicted to. Omg girl, I so fall apart in her voice. As well as its to funny really, if I think back about it.

    I've been with both sexes in the past as well as a boyfriend would be nice about now. I find myself wanting 10-20 lmao

    I'll get better

  2. thank you !.... that was where I was going with post.....Those
    hypno videos are great.... years ago(before the internet, when I wrapped my lips around that first cock (in a ABS)... I had that voice in my head...and I knew then I loved cock!