Friday, March 25, 2016

images are on the web for ever


  1. io ho iniziato facendomi le foto allo si parla di selfie io son maestra!!! ora mi sono evoluta ed uso o una telecamerina o la macchina fotografica digiltale e mi faccio gli auto-scatti per mostrare pian piano tutte le mie parti femminee e migliori...compreso il mio piccolo clitoride...!! baci baci baci

  2. Hi, I'm Stephanie Shaw and go by"Sissybra", and have a blog called "Sissy: I Love Bras." It was my first love of bras that started down the sissy track when I was ten. But, I want to comment on is what you have "caped" in the pic. "The thought of getting caught and exposed as a sissy makes their clitty hard," is such a true statement. I have changed over the years from just a crossdresser, to someone who wants to pass as a girl, to what I am now. I am a sissy fag and that's why your "cap" rings so true to me. My definition of a sissy fag (offensive to some, but I don't care), is a genetic boy with a cock (clitty) and has no plans to have it removed, does not want pass as a girl,
    wears slutty girlly clothes as an expression of his girlliness and femininity , he is bi-sexual, (but loves cock more than pussy, unless the pussy has cum dripping out of it), has a styled "boy" hair cut, (wears a wig in CD mode), is lispy talking, loud, prissy when walking, girlly acting, over the top, craves exposure, loves to suck cock and get fucked in ass pussy, is into all nasty sex, plans outfits to emphasize his fagginess, submissive, talks lispy and gay, and considers "herself" as a special sissy. A Sissyfag is willing to play games, take pics, do dares, willing to be exposed as the sissy fag "she" is. Now, let me close by telling you one thing I do when out of my home town. It involves exposure which give a sissyfag that ultimate sissy tingly feeling and makes her clit hard. I go to the mall in the town and dress in one of my sissy fag outfits. (security want bother you unless you try to use the ladies room). My fav outfit I wear is, (off course i'm clean shaved all over), is a matching pink cutey pie bra and panty set (b cup bra), then I love girl's shorts, and buy mine at a store online called, Charlotte Rousse. They have what they call hi-rise melliam shorts. They are white, have not pockets, zip up the side or back, and I get a medium which is too small, but the way I move my balls forward, it looks like have a "camel toe". They fit real tight and I pull them up nice and tight. Next is a "Bette Page" pink tank top. Bette was a stripper way back, and it has her pic in 50's lingerie. I arrange it so my bra straps are showing which I think is a wonderful sissy look. So, then is no doubt I'm wearing a bra and with little forms I fill it out to a full "b". Next, gold hooped ear rings for my pierced ears. I gel my hair and style it in boy style. I wear a litle eye makeup and do wear whore red lipstick. I wear some girl's jewelry. I paint my toe nails and finger nails bright red. I wear open toed girls strappy sandals and you can see my painted toes. I drive to the mall, get out and priss like a girl shaking my ass, as I go in the mall. Almost immediately, I start getting looks and laughs and my clit comes to life. But, what I want to find is a pack of teen age girls. They are the best! They will start whispering, giggling, and pointing, and one of them will yell, "faggott" or "Homo". I just turn around and smile at them and say, "well that's what I was going for." Next, I find a lingerie store, pick out something to buy, and I try to find a young girl to check me out. They usually get so flustered they have a hard time making out the sale. I know they know i'm a fag and that's the EXCITEMENT I crave so much. I love it! It never gets old. I look for ways to get that felling. Hope you found this interesting. Kiss, Stephanie Shaw (Sissybra)