Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new life

Looking to start a blog about my feminine side and create some captions of fantasizes, plus learn more about fashion, applying makeup  etc....

Wearing panties and nylon stockings... for a few years.... but I have trashed all my male underwear for a large selection of panties... "wearing full time now"sleep wear... to buys clothing at "good will" and other stores...my collection of items for Stephanie has grown to include skirts, blouses, and dresses.... not to mention 5 pairs of shoes... 3 are high heels.  
Plus a selection of makeup and a nice wig.....I would love to be "passable" but I have a long way to go in this area.

I love anything pink... I love the prissy dresses too.  I wished years ago I followed my sissy side

Looking forward to hearing from others on this path!


  1. Good luck. It's one hell of a journey. They'll be twists and turns and lots of wandering, but I hope in the end you find peace with yourself. My only advice is to try to stay as open minded with what you discover about yourself, as you hope the world will be with you. Safe travels.

  2. Hi Stephanie! Welcome to the sissy blogosphere. J cannot wait to read your story!

    Jugs & kisses,


  3. Like bong girl, we could be twins. So close in nature. I have lived full time for 9 plus yrs, as well as haven't worn male panties in yrs. I do feel more relaxed in feminine state of mind, as I know it's the most natural state.

    I so wish I knew how to set up a blog.:) just a total idiot on the computer. Not really, as I haven't been on one all that long.
    Have a lovely and refreshing day dear


  4. We really could be twins. I'm almost in tears for both not knowing enough about computers as well as having little control in giving up control to another as to even knowing you.

    My life is such a wreck girl as you are wearing same shoe so to speak.

  5. I even have job for whom has been part time since returning to it. And some customers in my own seasonal stuff. Yet part of me, well majority of me wants to get a little effeminacy out and away from estate and decorate to my pinks content:) and maybe do modelling or entertaining, as I can't see digging a ditch, as mans work. I'm not a man

  6. My dear Stephanie,
    I follow your blog for quite some time. and I love to read your posts.
    I have unfortunately allowed the woman until very late in me. I am currently experiencing all the ups and downs.
    I wish you all the best on your way.

    your Minki